Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas in Texas

I'm finally getting around to posting a few pictures from the past month - we've been busy getting ready for work and settling into life in Austin. We were able to do some sight seeing and reconnect with some old friends though... San Antonio - the Riverwalk
Originally built for flood control and later turned into a tourist attraction.

There are restaurants, shops and even a hospital along the river

Folks out sitting next to the river enjoying the scenery and activities

Don & Barb - old friends from Skagway - they live in Bryan, Texas now. It's been a lot of fun reconnecting with them!

All the lights come out on the riverwalk at night...

On Christmas day we drove over to Don & Barb's and had a great dinner (I got to spend some time spoiling their dogs!) and then we drove to this light show. Every year this wooded area is turned into a beautiful see of Christmas lights. It was amazing...

We've learned alot about Texas University pride since we've been here...Bryan is right next to College Station which is the home of Texas A & M - the Aggies...

I just love the alligators!

Scott left today for Alaska - he goes up to the slope on Monday and is very excited to start working. I also start on Monday but I'm not quite as excited - mostly because it's a new place and I haven't had to really think in 3 months - hopefully it all comes back to me!