Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Snow...in Arizona?

We planned on going jeeping with a group from church on a recent Saturday. It had been sunny and warm all week long but we woke up to rain. We went to the parking lot we were all meeting in (after all no self-respecting Alaskan cancels a trip because of a little rain!) but everybody bailed on us except for Jim and Linda (they now call us they're crazy Alaskan friends). Just a short ways up the trail we started spotting snow falling...

Us ladies staying warm and dry in the jeep...

Kind of strange to see Saguaro's with snow on them!

Or even little cactus.

So much for spring...

mmm, lots more snow as we got further up the mountain...

If you look far down the road you'll see two figures walking towards us. They had been stuck in the truck we later pulled out of the ditch. They said they expected rain but not snow and had been stuck on the road all night after trying to get out. They were cold and hungry - so we fed them and gave them heat packs and gloves...

We got him out of the ditch and then turned around and towed him up the hill. We later saw another car 1/2 way off the road and another stuck - but both were abandoned. Then we ran into the local sheriff who was looking for people reportedly stuck in the snow.

This is Brian and Monkey - we met a few people on the trail who weren't having any trouble and stopped in a spot to visit. Monkey is 1/2 Jack Russell Terrier and 1/2 Australian Shepherd - and surprise surprise he likes to jump! Brian could have stayed there all day long and thrown snowballs and Monkey would have gladly caught them...

Over and over - and then he would come back for more. Sounds like a JRT huh? :)

Snow on the Superstition Mountains - a very rare event...

It was all gone by that evening - Four Peaks had snow for another day or two but then it was gone. Within 2 days it was 85 degrees in the Valley.

Have we mentioned how much we love our Jeep?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Road Trip - on the Bikes!!

We went on a bike trip during Scott's time home - it was so much fun to be back on the road touring by bike. I think we both forgot how much we love the freedom, the views and the people we meet. During this trip we talked a lot about future trips we would like to plan.

We started in Benson, Arizona - just a bit southeast of Tucson.

On the road towards Sierra Vista. We decided to do low mileage days for this trip since it had been a long time since we'd been riding. It was also Scott's first trip on his recumbent.

After spending the night in Sierra Vista we spent the next day riding to Bisbee, Arizona. It was a day of hills and heat - in true Eddy tradition the area broke all records for temp that day (we weren't complaining - it could have been raining). We only went 35 miles but we climbed about 1000 feet in elevation. This is the last hill right before you get into old Bisbee - it's a copper pit.

Our hotel - now I just had to convince Scott I was too tired to carry my bike up those stairs...

Hanging out at the local brewery. Turns out both of these folks are pipe fitters - it was pretty funny listening to them harass Scott about being a safety geek. We had a great time enjoying her playing for us!

Bisbee is a very eclectic city - we think it's kind of a old hippie redneck town...

The town is built in this canyon so the best way to get anywhere is by stairs - just not these ones.

Partially up the hill to look at the canyon. Lots of cool old buildings there - if you are interested in the old time main street USA look I would suggest a trip here.

A look up the canyon - notice the peace sign?

I love this building and how Scott caught the light...

Ugh, I hated that hill I just climbed! On our way to Tombstone (see next blog) where we spent the night and then continued back to Benson.

Tombstone Parade

As we were riding our bikes into Tombstone we found that they were about to start a parade. We love small town parades so we quickly stowed the bikes and got ready to watch.

The local "Red Hat Ladies" getting ready to watch.

This is an Army band from Fort Huachuca over in Sierra Vista (although I think the guys carrying the flags have long since retired - I was concerned the guy on this end was going to collapse - he didn't look too well).
Lots of Harley Davidson's in town - as first we were concerned the town was going to be a bit wild that evening but we found the bars mostly empty by 9pm and the motorcycles quiet until around 5am the next morning. We decided this was an "older" biker gang... :)

Notice what's on his shoulder? He was riding around town like that!

The bird started making a bunch of noise so the guy moved him to the handlebars...

Not sure who this group was but it was about 94 degrees that day and I was impressed by the full skirts and long sleeve shirts!

Lots of ROTC in the parade...(from all branches of the military)

The local young cheerleaders - they were great!

Love this picture - they stopped to have an argument about something.

Look at the attitude in that girl's shoulders!

One of the many groups on horseback - these gentlemen were dressed up in Yankee uniforms.

Riding side saddle on a horse - still amazes me. I can barely stay on one riding western style!

This band is from the Jr High in Sierra Vista. They sounded great and then they would stop in the middle of playing and do a dance accompanied by their drummers.

This horse almost ran me over on the way into town - they were having a tough time controlling her. I'm surprised they went ahead and put her in the parade - she just about kicked the lady in front of them.

A high school mariachi band from Nogales, Arizona.

This guy was yelling something about the trolley rides - love his "parade rest" stance...

More people dressed up in period costume. I think people who live in Tombstone just like to get dressed up and relive the 1800's.

A small town parade is never complete without fire trucks!!

The mariachi band set up down the street and played for a while - they were amazing.

The North Slope

This is the island they are building for multi-directional drilling...the picture below this was taken in the same area.

Polar Bear! They had been watching for bear signs and hadn't seen any in a while. The ice road was complete and the island was being built - and then this momma popped out. They had six hours to evacuate the island (including moving heavy equipment) and stop all work within 2 miles. They had to wait until she was gone for 48 hours before resuming work (ended up being a couple of weeks).

Scott working hard...

or hardly working?? :)


You didn't think I would update the blog without more Grandbaby pictures did you?

Dulce is getting so big - can't believe she'll be two years old soon!

Hey - don't bug me when I'm eating!

Sean is 7 months old now and getting big and strong.

They are working on weaning him off his heart medications!

Sydney is 18 months - spending a quiet moment reading to Tucker in the sun.

Helping Daddy get the mail!

Our latest set of grandbabies! We parked the rig in this spot Sunday night - by Tuesday morning they had built a nest and laid an egg!

By Thursday there were two eggs. Scott looked up the gestation cycle of Doves and the babies should hatch soon. Hoping they will be ready to leave the next by the time we are ready to leave the area!