Monday, August 10, 2015

Ouray Jeep Adventures Day 1 Poughkeepsie Pass

We were invited to join a Jeep group of friends for a week of wheelin in Ouray, Colorado - of course we said yes!

Time to air down...notice Turbo in the back seat of the red jeep?

 Pika - small sized mammal that is more closely related to a rabbit than a rodent. Found in colder climates and mountainous regions
The flowers were out!

Of course we can't take the easy road - what fun would that be?

The Eddy's from Alaska - that'd be us...

Larry and Tina from New Mexico

Oklahoma Green - from Oklahoma... ;-)

Stan and Anna from Missouri

It's never a good site when the hoods are up...usually.

Larry had a bit of a problem with his lockers - so he needed a winch over the obstacle...

and got a little air in the process.

Couldn't just find a normal parking spot huh?

Here comes Stan...he was determined - even though his lockers weren't working properly...

Such a beautiful mountain lake.

At 13,000 ft we were having a hard time breathing - although by the second week we felt pretty acclimated.

Lots of old mine sites in this area.

Always great to have such an experienced Jeeper and all around incredible guy right behind us!

Great day on the trail - time to head back to rest for another night.

Ouray Jeep Adventure Day 2 Imogene Pass

You'll notice water seems to be the theme today...

At this point I was a little intimidated by driving on this narrow road with the rock overhang and the long drop off on one side. If only I knew what I was in for in the coming days...

Marmot - these are talkative critters


The Red Mountains - these are the same mountains you see when you drive up the Red Mountain Highway - aka the million dollar highway.

This is Imogene Pass - we'll follow this road into Telluride.

Love the colors...Even if my side of the road drops off quickly.

We were so impressed when this biker passed us we failed to take a picture. Imogene Pass is 13,114 ft - I'm assuming he climbed from Telluride which is at 8,750 ft. I could barely breathe just walking and this guy was riding his bike up the pass...

Scott, Stan and Turbo

Scott, Stan and Larry

The funniest picture of the trip...what else can I say?

This is Black Bear Pass - we'll go down this in a few days...

Turbo must have run miles every day going back and forth across the Jeep watching everything that was going on.

Jeepers recognize this Jeep everywhere we go - it helps that Ken is such a wonderful trail ambassador.

From Telluride we took the highway back to Ouray since Anna's family was coming in. We then drove up to Yankee Boy Basin just above Ouray.

None of these pictures capture the true beauty of the area. It was amazing...