Sunday, April 30, 2017

Family Fun!

So when we found out the grandkids were coming for a visit we might have gone a little overboard on amazon...

Dulce & Sean arrive from Michigan!

Sydney came in the next day!

And the pool party began!

Waterfall jumping was a popular past time...

Especially if that meant someone could be splashed in the process!

Sydney started getting creative
Go after everything and do anything Sean was a
little unsure about it...

But eventually was jumping pretty often!

Had to get a pick in the pool with the grandbabies!

And then we got photobombed!

We couldn't figure out what was taking them so
long to take the dang picture!

Thankfully the weather was perfect!

The giant rubber ducky got lots of use!

Stan and Anna came over so Torque was in the pool giving the kids rides back and forth.


At one point Sean had to be removed from the pool because he was shivering - he was just playing too hard. Notice the water gun next to him for protection... :)

We weren't in the pool 24/7 - Scott built corn hole boards that were heavily used

oops! Right over the fence! Good thing the big dog next door wasn't out...

Scott also helped them all make a giant jenga
(yes - they all had on earplugs and safety glasses)

Sean was constantly pushing on the bottom ones to see
if he could get them to move

He cracks me up...


Sean used the jenga set for lots of building projects too

We had fun celebrating Dulce's Birthday!

nothing better than cake and ice cream...

bubble time!

At one point Sean thought that he was stronger than Papa - he was taught otherwise...
April Fools Day pranks!

Road trip to the grocery store - Sean being his goofball self

We brought home donuts for the parents - or did we?

Not! They got veggies!

Cousin love

Playing ball with Ripper (who blends into the gravel nicely)

The girls hula dancing...

What? I'm just climbing...

and climbing...(I wish I had 1/2 of this kids energy)

Snuggle time...
Gretchen and David went to Vegas so we had the kids for a couple of days. Sean wanted a haircut so he and Papa went and did that...

While Dulce and I got pedicures!

Love my family - and loved this time we all had together!