Friday, November 8, 2013

Oregon Family Trip

About six months ago we convinced all the kids to meet us in Oregon for a family reunion and 1/2 marathon.
We are very thankful and blessed to have such an awesome family!
Thank you to David & Brian for cheering for us all and for taking care of the grandkids while we were running.

The following pictures were taken by all of us - thanks so much for sharing with us David, Brian, & Stephanie!

Road Trip! Everyone but Gretchen and family flew into Portland and then drove out to the coast.

We had a little time for fun in Portland before we left...

Sydney loves her Auntie Katie!

Sean hanging out at the beach house

Papa and the grandkids playing a weird popcorn game (it kept them all entertained so we didn't question it)

Getting ready to eat a feast

Showing off their muscles!

Out where the Pacific meets the Columbia River

It was cold!

We tried to teach Katie the finer points of worshiping cheese - specifically Tillamook Cheese. Our first clue the lesson didn't take was when she ordered a vegie wrap without cheese - when we all got grilled cheese sandwich's...

Such awesome kids!

Race in Oregon

The primary reason for this family gathering was to run a 1/2 marathon. Of course we had to get t-shirts so we all matched!

Here are the back of the shirts

Gretchen ready to race!

One last picture - we are ready to go!

Kate and Dulce

And we're off!

Michael and Katie

About 3 miles into the race - so we were still feeling pretty good...

Gretchen still has a smile on here face!

Helping the runners - I'm hoping they didn't send any in the wrong directions... :)

Our cheer squad!

Water Trap!

Stephanie spots Sydney...

Love these kids!

Michael to the finish line!

High fives all around!

Running to meet Mom!

Running to the finish line together!

Oregon Beach with the family

We were able to spend a few hours at the beach - it was beautiful!

Sean showing Michael and Katie cool stuff

Brian and Sydney - I love this picture

Papa rescuing Sean from the water...

Playing chicken with the water...guess who won?

Too funny! Sydney wasn't fazed by the cold water.