Saturday, March 3, 2012

Silver River State Park, Ocala, Florida

We went canoeing a few days ago and saw lots of critters!

What's that in the distance?
Alligators - everywhere!
Ducks - so many different types of birds we lost count.
And another alligator.
Such a beautiful area.
Walking on water?
Or running?
Having a discussion?
mmm, I wonder why not?
We paddled around the area for close to 30 minutes just watching these guys play.
We counted close to 20 monkey's - of all ages.
We think this one was the grandpa.

Beautiful bird...we really need to look them up in our bird book.
Turtles! There were turtles everywhere - swimming and sunbathing.
This bird looked very gothic and menacing.
Webbed feet but hanging out in a tree??
A young alligator.
mmm, what's for lunch?
Might be just to comfortable to move!
This bird was with a bunch of other ones nesting - not sure if the white headed ones were the male or female?
This one was laying very still right next to the amusement park we paddled up to...
More nesting birds...
"You had your turn on the log. Now it's mine!"
Baby turtles!

This bird was sitting in the same spot on our return trip.

What a great day on the water!