Monday, August 20, 2012

A tour of Barrow

The Coast Guards boat on wheels.

Arctos in the water - they had one of these out at ENI but we had only seen one on the ice

Barrow's infamous blue football field

Part of the NARL (Naval Arctic Research Labratory) camp - it's now part of the community college

Bones from a Bowhead Whale

It was about 55 degrees - warm enough for the local kids to play in the Arctic Ocean

This is an old underground storage area for food. I was told that every summer the kids were told that they had to clean them out - and if they didn't the fall whale hunt wouldn't go well because the whale would know and not be willing to die for the town.

This building is from the original white whalers who came to town in the late 1800's

Jim was explaining how they stretch animal skins over these boats each year before they go out whaling

The Nordica waiting for crew change

Monday, August 6, 2012

Search and Rescue Crew

Crew Change Helicopter

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Barrow, Alaska

Camp - doesn't look like much but it's warm and comfortable.
Also - the food is too Good!

Part of the original Dew Line
Ice on the beach when I got here two weeks ago - now it's all gone

What the rooms look like...
We had a late night crew changover where we all pitched in and cleaned rooms.
I made one of these beds - one of my co-workers made the other one... :)

 A local dumpster..