Friday, August 13, 2010

Old family Photos

While at my Mom's the last couple of months I had the opportunity to get some of our old family photo's - I've scanned a few of them in...

Linda in 1961 - I think Melissa looks just like her...
Our least favorite part of the cabin...

I thought some of these Navy pictures were cool. The uniform is pretty much the same but the cover (hat) has changed.

This is a classic!

Grandma's cabin! What was being made?

Another Navy picture...

An old picture of the cabin...

Mom's a looker!

The entire family - 1968

Again - does anyone see Melissa in this picture of Linda?

Cassayres and back to the Hiawatha!

The Cassayres came to visit and we went to ride the Hiawatha trail - what a blast!!

Will isn't a ham at all...

old glacier buddies...and we didn't even sing Cheeseburgers in paradise...

What handsome guys!!

This is the 2 mile long taft tunnel - even with lights it's plenty dark

I'm thinking that bike is a bit small for you Christine...

We also went to the Silverwood water/theme park. It was alot of fun - even if it was the only day it rained for several weeks!

Road Trip with Mom & Linda

So Scott and I decided we just had to get a jeep...not because it was the responsible thing to do but because it was the fun thing to do!!

After that my Mom, my sister and I decided we needed to break it in with a road trip to Montana...

This was a very brilliant rainbow we spotted right outside of Bigfork

Always so much fun to visit with Aunt Eunice!!

And of course we all had to go to dinner at the Back Room!

The weeping wall on the going to the sun road in Glacier National Park. This drive is amazing - a bit scary because it's so narrow but the views are breathtaking.

Mom & Linda - it was so great to spend the weekend visiting with them!

The weather tried to scare us off Saturday morning but we went to breakfast and I showed mom how to get onto her facebook account. I don't think she's been on it since... :)

From Montana to the Tri-Cities...

I forgot to put this in my last blog - this is the cake that Aunt Eunice made for Scott & I for our Anniversary. It was carrott and man was it good! (and beautiful to boot!)
Scott wanted to make sure I keep busy while I'm not I washed and waxed our rig. It actually became a challenge to make it look the best it could be and it does shine now!

This was a great hail storm that happened while I was at my Mom's

It was so loud when it fell on the rig that we had to pause the movie we were watching because we couldn't hear it anymore!

We took a few days and road the Trail of the CourDlanes. It was beautiful but very windy.

These are a couple of guys we met on the trail who were riding from Florida to Alaska - a trip Scott would love to do. I followed their blog for a bit and it looks like they sent the bikes home once they got to Seattle and took the ferry up to Alaska. Can't blame them, I wouldn't want to ride the Al-Can on a bike...

Met up with Scott's brother Larry's family in Spokane - only Bucky was missing. This is most of the grandkids.

Scott & Larry

Jackie, Sherry, Larry, Scott, Ann, Tammy

Farmers Markets - one of my favorite places here this summer!

Fellow recumbent riders we met in Idaho - they invited us to park in their driveway while Scott was taking a class in Richland. It was great to visit with them - thanks for your hospitality!!