Sunday, October 16, 2016

2006 Alfa See Ya For Sale

Well-loved and maintained RV that has taken us on many adventures during the past 7 ½ years. The Alfa has head room and storage compared to no other RV ever built.
New Roof in 2015 with a lifetime guarantee
70,500 miles on the 350 CAT diesel & 6 speed Allison Transmission
AGM House Batteries installed in 2012
 New Chassis Batteries in 2013
Air Force One connection for tow brakes

Slide out awnings replaced in 2015

Four new tires in 2013 (Inside duals 2010)


Upgraded TV's
Backup camera with side camera's

Custom headboard
Sleep Number Bed

Custom Made Hydro-lift Box (clean, dry storage)

$62,500 OBO
located in Phoenix, Arizona



Monday, June 13, 2016

The OuterBanks with Sydney

Sydney and her parents came from Alaska to travel with us for a bit - here she is enjoying a snack in rural North Carolina

The Currituck Lighthouse

We made it to the top!

Such a beautiful view!

Sydney back on the ground - she decided coming down was more scary than going up - but she did it all on her own!

At the Wright Brother's Memorial in Kill Devil Hills, NC. The stones represent the length of each of the first four flights.

They decided to run the length of the fourth flight to see if it would be faster to run it or fly it. With TSA these days we decided running it would be better.

Papa has taught all the grandkids the "Loser" sign

We ran up that hill!

Beach time - I think Sydney could live in the waves!

Stopped at the Virginia/North Carolina state line in order to get a picture of both states borders.

Gretchen and the kids met us in Williamsburg - it was so cool to have all the grandkids together!

Scott & his girls

It was really cool to see how quickly Sydney and Dulce became friends.

They found an empty stage so they decided to put on a show for us.

Balancing and smiling at the same time is hard!

Dulce & Sean brought a matching shirt for Sydney

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

This reflecting pool was not here a few weeks ago - they've had a lot of rain lately!

Sydney climbed this lighthouse too!

Listening to a ranger led talk about turtles

Bodie Island Lighthouse - we weren't able to climb it because the tickets were all sold out.

Sydney getting sworn in as a Junior Ranger

Brian picking out his shells...
;-) actually they are Sydney's
Ocracoke Island Lighthouse - this one is owned by the Coast Guard and you can't climb it.

Sunrise Atlantic Ocean side

Sunset sound side

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Jeep Beach - Daytona Beach

I posted all of these on facebook but wanted to keep our blog current in case facebook ever implodes... ;-)
Very excited to spend the week with the grandkids, kids and fellow jeepers!

Papa is all about teaching his grandkids things that will annoy their parents. This is the sign for "Whatever!"

Doors off and new tires!

Beautiful girls!

Big Jeeps!

Chasing bubbles

Daytona Beach

Sean giving Papa the Loser sign...

Trail ride - obstacle course

Put your hands in the air like you just don't care!

Trying to get the intake cleaned after mudding

Marshmellow guns!

We picked up marshmellows for longer than we shot them at each other... ;-)

We had such a good time with these crazy New Englanders!

Waiting for the Jeep parade

Daytona International Speedway tunnel!


On the track!

21 degrees felt pretty steep...