Saturday, December 23, 2017

A couple of grandkids come to visit!


                            Scott showing off the space for his future shop...
Daniel loved the pool

Some floating beverages in a warm pool right before Thanksgiving. Life is rough.

A future Olympic athlete right there!

Daniel meets his Aunt Jamie for the first time!

Daniel came to visit me at work - how cool is that?!

"wait - who the heck are you?"

Daniel meets his Aunt Stephanie and his Cousin Sydney

The boys working in the garage (don't confuse that with the shop...)

"Seriously - what is up with all of the pictures?!"

"I am loving all the hugs, cuddles and being held all the time!"

Hanging with Uncle Brian

Sydney's goal was to be in the pool at least 10 times in the 5 days she was here - she accomplished her goal...

Sydney and Daniel enjoying each others company

There was quite the discussion about Michael not jumping up...

One. Two... Wait!

So glad we got the automatic pool filler...

Daniel and GG

Four Generations

Hanging out by the pool

The kids in the kitchen working - and not arguing!

Some pretty sunsets

Got the projector hooked up outside - nothing like watching a Jimmy Buffett concert outside!

Daniel meets another Great Grandma - this is one well loved kid!

"seriously people?!"

Daniel sporting his new vest Auntie Stephanie made

Cousin love

I'm not sure who was enjoying themselves more

nothing like taking a nap with my grandson!

Sydney shared George with Daniel - such a sweet girl!

We watched our family favorite movie outside and had hot cocoa and popcorn

Papa and Sydney examining the plants she helped with

The Wilson family enjoying some warmth before they go back to Alaska

Love these kids so much - wish Dulce and Sean were here too!

What an awesome family! Wishing Gretchen and family were here though...

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Grandchild #5!

Hello World! My name is Daniel - this is me right after I was born. I put my Mommy thru quite a bit of work to bring me into this world - but she was still happy to see me!

This is my Daddy - he stuck by my Mommy's side and was also excited to see me!

Let's get this party started!

I was a big boy - and I'm even bigger now!

Just a few days after I arrived Hurricane Irma came to Florida. My parents had to get ready - we thankfully stayed with a friend inland who didn't lose power for all that long.

This is one of my dogs - his name is Gandalf.

I like this chair - it vibrates and makes nature sounds.

I think Gandalf wanted to be in the picture...

Here is my other dog Lolly - she follows me everywhere.

This is me meeting my Papa and Safety Bear.

Really Lolly - I'm good...

Here's my Nanna.

Lolly and I with our day I'll chew on hers...

I like to eat! I gained 2 pounds in a month!

Sleeping is pretty cool too - especially if someone will hold me...

Papa was excited to watch cartoons with me -
sleeping won out though.

Nanna loves kids books!

We visited the turtle rescue center - those are all baby turtles displaced by Hurricane Irma. They will go back to the sea eventually!

Nanna and Momma decided this will be like the pig in Seattle - whatever that means...

Papa helping me pick out which turtle to get...

This is Nanna's favorite picture of me. It's also the first day in my new house - because my birth and a hurricane weren't enough excitement for my Mom and Dad.
No one took any pictures of moving day - just of me. We know who's more important after all.

Papa and me and my dogs making sure I'm okay.

I still like this seat - Papa wanted to know if they made them in adult size. Silly Papa!

Lolly and Gandalf say see ya later!