Saturday, September 14, 2013

North Slope - critters and crazies... :)

Some of my co-workers were able to take
some pictures of Polar Bears...

Most of the MCC crew

Trouble - aka Tyson and Hans

ACLS Megacode

Tyson and DL

Tyson and Gary

MCC Mert ACLS - July Class

Casey and Rocky working hard

MCC Mert ACLS - September Class

Trout Creeek, Montana

We had the opportunity to spend some time in Montana this summer with Scott's brother, Larry and his wife, Sherry.

Scott spent some extra time there working on projects but we also took a little time out to play...

We enjoyed taking the 4-wheelers out - but couldn't make it on the trail very far before getting stopped by a tree blocking the path.

There are deer everywhere in this area...

We also took a drive in the jeep - this was at about 6,000 feet.

This road was a bit dicey so we went another way

Loved the contour of this...

This would not be a good area to be afraid of heights in...

Huckleberry Festival in Trout Creek - great parade, run and fun!

No parade is complete without candy from the fire truck!

Smokey the Bear - much loved in this area with all the forest fires lately...

We need one of these for our bike trips across the country - pedal a bike while sipping margaritas and listening to some Jimmy Buffett!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures - this is a beautiful part of the country!