Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Welcome to the family Sean Chapman! He made an early appearance on September 11 (he wasn't due until October 1st). He has had a bit of a rocky start with some heart problems but after a few weeks in the hospital he is on some medication and hopefully he will outgrow the problem within the year.
Baby feet are sooo cute.

Looks like his mom in this picture - I have many pictures of her snoozing with her mouth wide open!

wide awake!

This is Sean's big sister, Dulce. I'm told she loves spaghetti.

I'm headed to Oklahoma in November to spend some time helping the growing family (that's my excuse anyway - I'm really only going so I can spend time with my grandbabies!)

My Mom flew up to Alaska to spend some time with her Great Grandaughter. We are calling Mom GG... Sydney had a great time walking around but I think GG was pretty sore by the time she left...

Here is Sydney playing with her books - her Mom and Dad are realizing how quick a crawler she's become! It will be interesting when she starts walking...

Just in case you can't read the shirt it says...
Mommy won't
Daddy might...
Nana and Papa will!
Oh so true...
I've been visiting Sydney this week and have had so much fun! She is such a happy baby and a joy to take care of - it's going to be hard to say goodbye to her at the end of the week.

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