Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reunions and Homecomings

After spending the last couple of months in Spokane we came over to the Western side of Washington. Our plan was to spend August visiting with Michael - but the US Navy had other ideas...so we ended up staying through September too. I'm glad we did because it gave us plenty of time to visit with lots of friends and family!
Mt Rainier - love this mountain....

Pike Place Market - walked through the market several times. It's a lot different now then when I was a kid - we used to take the bus downtown and shop for fresh produce and bread but now it seems to be mostly a tourist trap. It was still fun to see the area and do some shopping.

Dinner with the girls - except Susannah! It was so fun to catch up after all the years...

We had a reunion/party at Dee's house - so many good friends that I hadn't seen in a very long time. The coolest part is I'm keeping in touch with many of them via Facebook.

Dee, Natalie and Melinda

The whole gang minus Michael (who took the picture). It's pretty funny that some of us have kids who are about the same age as we were when we graduated - and some have little ones.

Everytime I got in trouble in high school I'm sure it was one of these ladies fault... :) The amount of toilet paper we wasted on houses blows my mind! Risa, (who is sitting in the middle) has been a friend since Kindergarten. A few days after this party she moved to Paris - I'm so excited to go visit her!

Susannah came down from Anchorage for the party - we took the ferry over to Seattle and spent the day exploring some of our old haunts. It was amazing to see our childhood homes and schools.

One of the stops we had to make was at Dick's Drive In. For those of you who aren't from Seattle this place is iconic - they are the classic drive in and they have great food. We used to go hang out in the parking lot after football games and scrounge our seats for change in order to buy a hamburger and fries.

I also had the opportunity to visit with some friends from Skagway. These are the Sextons, Dave was Scott's Police Chief, Lori was a good friend and I was there when MacKenzie Ann was born. I also remember when they got Miss Lady - she was the runt of the litter of boston terriers and had the ugliest feet but she was so much fun. She recently passed away - RIP Miss Lady, I hope you and Taiya are having fun somewhere...

The Webster's were another Skagway family who were involved in our lives. We stopped by their house in Yakima during our travels but somehow we forgot to take a picture! This is Eric and Karen - Eric was heading to Spain for a year of college and they had the time to meet us downtown for dinner. It was so good to see them. Michael and Eric hadn't seen each other in over 5 years.

The Kasler's rounded out our Skagway family and we were able to meet up with them at one of Connor's cross country races. I'm so thankful for all of these folks as they truly were family the entire time we were in Skagway - we have never had such close friends as all of you!!!

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