Friday, October 15, 2010


Scott's been working on the North Slope for almost 10 years now - he's been at Oliktok construction camp for almost 3 years. The camp is as far north as you can get in the oil field - and there is only one camp further west.
They are a two hour drive from Deadhorse...
They have been building an island 3.5 miles offshore.

This building was one of two that was shipped up from Louisiana via the Panama Canal. This one is the utility mod.

This whole process was one of the largest sealifts ever completed on the north slope.

The mods were moved off the barge into place by two "shirley" lifts. They have 132 wheels and they all move independently. They moved it to the pads they had pre-built - within 1/4 inch of where they were supposed to be.

This was a pretty big deal on the slope - they had photographers filming the whole process. By the way - there were three people moving the building - everyone else was just watching.

To the extreme right of the picture was the first mod that had already been moved into place - the middle section was the pass through. They are sliding the utility mod into place.

Now with the stanchions in place they are lowering the lift - job completed!


  1. craziness. it is amazing to learn how they actually function up there. we drove to deadhorse, had no idea how huge the area really is.

  2. It is amazing how big the entire area is - and the oil companies footprint on it is actually quite small. I was blown away by the area but I was only up there in the winter - I'd like to go again in the summer...

  3. Wow.....very cool! Loved the pics! They really got within 1/4 inch? I'd probably accidentally drive it off the island.... And very cute of Sydney, too! Whatever would we do without technology??? =)